Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kindergarten Prep

After Courtney kept telling everyone in August that she was going to school "this fall" I thought we'd better start a countdown so she knew how long (or short) she really had!
We went school supply shopping for the first time! She picked out a LalaLoopsy backpack and lunch box!

Class lists are posted! 

 And the winner is...Mrs. Kirn! 

We even caught a sneak peek as she was leaving the school that day! 

 Meet the Teacher Night!

 I love being so close we can walk! 

With her new teacher, Mrs. Kirn! 

Courtney is being thrilled and ready to start school! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer: week last...

It's the last week of summer, but its ending a little early this year for a great reason!! I *get* to go to new teacher meetings in Blue Springs and start my new job! But before that, the kids and I had a lot of fun! Plus it was bible school week, so all around it was busy! 

My mom came to visit and we took the kids to Adventure Oasis for a couple hours. 
On Saturday we went to a birthday party for Lily from church. It was an Ariel water party and was awesome to let all the littles at in water while the big kids sat around talked and ate salmon! 
Bye bye summer! See you next year! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer: Week 8

This is Dan's last week before he goes back to school. It's so cool we get to be together all summer! 
I was super excited to make these since they are gluten free! Yum! 
Our first time making homemade pickles was a success! I assumed I would "can" them but I used a super simple refrigerator method instead. If we get a bumper crop I'll try a different way! 
Thinking Thursday happened about one time this summer because every Thursday Courtney had Creative Kids Camp where she got together with 8 other kids to learn and play with a different theme each week. This week was our last week and it was a movie day! 
The kids decorated cars to "drive in" to their movie! 
She passed her drivers test! 
Buying snacks from the concession stand.