Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall Festival Fun/More fun at the lake!

Last weekend we went to Stewartsville to the Fall Festival. I wasn't sure what rides, etc. Courtney would be able to participate in, but we definitely know she loved the bounce house! She could have stayed in there for an hour! I also took about 100 pics while she was in there, but here are 4 plus a video.

Uncle Patrick took off with Courtney to let her walk around. When we found them, he had bought her a bunch of tickets to play games with her and win her giant inflatable toys! Thanks krickkrick (how Courts says Patrick).

Finally coaxing her out of the bouncy house.

One of the games she was able to play was the duck game (I'm sure that's its official name).

And she was a giant crayon!

This is our first successful carousel ride (she did not like the one at the zoo).

With momma!

This weekend we went to the lake with Deanna, Patrick and Jared as his last summer adventure in Missouri before he returns to Seattle.

Courtney looking at the water.

It was a little windy, so Patrick was keeping Courts warm.

Feeding the big fish at Plain Janes (one of our fave restaurants right on the water).

With her shades on (which she calls "eyes")

Leaving the lake! Courts with her meemaw (as she calls her).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some of my favorites/Shatto Dairy Farm

Here are some of my fave summer pics! Can you tell I love the color isolation feature on my camera?

If you blow these up, the clover in the clover field is all purple!

Courtney is saying cheese here. Sometimes its a cute smile, sometimes its a sassy pronunciation.
Trying to find the kitty in the shed on the farm.

Yesterday we visited the Shatto Dairy Farm. It is in Osborn, MO which is only a few minutes away from Stewartsville. This is the kind of milk we have fed Courtney since she switched to whole milk. It is hormone free (and it comes in cute bottles).

Fun with the cousins!

Courtney has 4 fun cousins and this week she got to spend lots of time with all of them!

July Recap

Here are some of the fun things that we did in July! We started working on our basement on July 2nd and just got carpet and paint during the past week! We have a few finishing touches before our furniture gets here in September. It really put a hold on my blogging, but not on our summer fun!!
Below is a picture of the mess that we lived had to work around, but the next pic...
is the finished product (just a little blurry! and with no carpet). Fave 4th of July pics!

How Courtney felt about the loudness of the fireworks...

Reunion at Camp Farwesta! Playing in the cabin with her cousins! They were THE BEST babywatchers of the week!

It was a rainy week and there was a huge mess of mud and leaves outside our cabin...we finally just gave in, stripped her down and let Courtney go!

Courts and I with Kristi (Palmer) DeRose and her baby Gia. Gia is only 3 days younger than Courtney. It is so cool to bring our babies to play and make memories where we made so many memories as kids! Gia was a hugger, too!

Courtney LOVES to be around other kids, so we didn't shed too many tears taking her to the nursery while we went to class. We popped in on her one day while all the kids were snacking. For a rowdy bunch of 1-2 year olds, they were all sitting so quietly and sweetly eating their snacks. Precious.