Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dora!

Today is Dora The Explorer's 10th birthday. I learned from the news that she is 7 years old on the showand the girl that does her voice is 14 (which means she was 4 when she started - wow!) It seems a little odd to promote tv to my child, but this show is pretty amazing. It is awesome to hear how much Spanish my two year old knows (and uses regularly). It's the only show she watches, so I guess I'll quit feeling bad:)
We made cupcakes earlier in the day. Decorated by Courtney!
YEAH! It's finally on! The watch party.
I bought these figurines at a garage sale yesterday! Perfect timing! Notice swiper is swiping some birthday cake:)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Are you writing this down?

Yes, I am writing down almost all the funny and hillarious things that my daughter is saying. Whenever I tell my mom or sister about Courtney's latest witty remarks, they ask that. are some of her recent best:

  • I take a lot of pictures. Almost all are of Courtney. She will say cheese without smiling for most of them. The other day I was taking her picture and she said, "Cheese. I want some cheese."
  • At the lake this past weekend, Courtney was done with her dinner and had the audience of 6 members. She stood up in her seat and was talking and told my nephew, "You're my best friend." Then, spread out her hands wide and said "You are all my best friends". So sweet:)
  • We were walking in our neighborhood and someone had their sprinkler on to water their grass. Courtney said, "It's a rainy day in their yard".
  • My dad is a farmer at heart and is outside, on the tractor, or in the barn or checking cows or something most of the time we are in Stewartsville. I told Courts that we were going to meemaw Frances' house and then added, and papa Gaylon's house. She said, "Nooo, papa lives in the barn".
  • We listen to the radio in the car and think it's cute to make Courtney say Justin Beiber in her cute high-pitched voice (you know, like his) and after listening to "I just need somebody to love" she made the comment, "He needs somebody"!!
  • Courtney calls herself "naked baby" (but pronounces baby, bebe) when she is, well, naked. We were watching Cinderella for the first time and when Cinderella wakes up in the morning and the birds take off her dress so she can take a "shower", Courtney said, "Cinderella is naked bebes".
  • About a month ago, we were eating lunch at my parents house with about 10 members of our family. Courtney was having a picky eating day and wanted to perform and talk with her family than eat. So, I was bribing her to eat (take 2 more bites of roast beef and then you can have more watermelon) etc. She really wanted cookies and (with everyone's attention) put her head on the table and said, "I never, I never, I never get a cookie". So dramatic.
  • Courtney has an imaginary friend named Erica. There is a girl that lives across the street from our babysitter who's name is Erica, but she has only seen her a few times. Erica will be around any time Courtney does something good because we hear "Erica" say she is proud of Courtney. Courtney is both of these characters and talks for both. It's hilarious to hear their conversations and hopes it turns in to no mental illness later in life. Currently, Erica misses her mommy and daddy becuase they live in the castle. She's going to visit them.
  • After basically 2 weeks being away from home this summer and eating out a lot Dan said, "I don't want to eat C-R-A-P-P-Y anymore." Courtney responds with, "You don't want to eat peepee?" Just when you think they weren't listening...

Thanks for reading. I sort of type these posts for me, so that someday, I can look back and read them to Courtney or print them and she can read them to her children:)