Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My first Christmas!

Courtney's first Christmas! Since we weren't going to be home on "Christmas" to open presents, we wanted Courtney to open her first present from us at our we started early! Here is her official first Christmas present ever!

Courtney and I in coordinating scarf and hat - which she wanted to rip off immediately!Clapping for Christmas!
Another gift was a big kitchen...this is the aftermath of our gifts and trying to put the kitchen together.

Playing with dad in the kitchen!

Christmas with grandma and grandpa McClain

On Monday night, we had our Christmas was the McClain's! We took our annual Christmas trip to Gojo's and Courtney enjoyed a few carrots. Soon she will enjoy all the grilled food laden with Hollandaise sauce like the rest of us!

Here I am being an overprotective mommy, but she already has so few eyebrows...why burn them off?
Checking out her presents at grandma's!

Yes! I got the piggy bank I asked for!Jody made us a calendar with pictures of Courtney!

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Hicks

Our first family celebration was in Joplin last weekend. Courtney had such a good time exploring grandma and grandpa's house! Uncle Dave and aunt Bethany were there too.
Here is James practicing his Spanish alphabet on Courtney's new Christmas toy...and we caught him with it several other times throughout the weekend!
Showing off her new clapping skills. Courtney was helping Grandma Leslie practice the piano and sang along to the "gloria's" on Angels We Have Heard on High - well moaned along.

Opening her stocking. Helping dad with a big gift.
I wonder what this present could be? I hope it's for me!

Yeah - what a fun gift! This rocking horse, trots, neighs and...makes Courtney smile!

Another Santa picture!
Thanks for everything Steve and Leslie! We had a great time!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

9 months, Santa, Birthday Party

Courtney was 9 months old last Thursday! We took her to the doctor yesterday and she weighed 17 lbs 10 oz. She's still a shorty at 26 1/2 inches! We also went to see Santa last week. I fully expected her to cry like the other babies in front of us and that I would be able to tape it...which I did - but it only took 6 seconds - so I added the video, too.

Watch the full extent of our first visit with Santa - I guess it lasts longer when you can talk and actually tell Santa what you want.
Yikes - a bear!Watching the fishies in the giant aquarium.
My new favorite time with Courtney is reading her books. We have always read to her, but now she really snuggles into you, lays back, and listens.

This is Ashley's first birthday! Courtney helped her open a few presents and then got to play on her new toy while Ashley pushed!
Lyda let us borrow their duck tub since Courtney was crawling out of and growing out of her other tub. She thinks it's pretty fun!

Today is our 2nd snow day of the year and we actually have a lot of snow this time. Here is Courtney longing to play outside in it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Day!

Today was our first snow day of the year - and we got to spend it with Courtney! We sure do enjoy our sweet little snow bunny!

Trying to move around in her snow suit - not easy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm thankful for Courtney!

Our Thanksgiving post is very late, but nevertheless we were very thankful to have Courtney this year! We went to Stewartsville for a few days and all she wanted to do was eat grandma's pilgrims and Indians ( at least she was festive - that's my girl)!

Showing the pilgrims some love.
Courtney's first Thanksgiving meal!
Great grandma with her newest grandbabies.
Our family!

Courtney enjoying a Thanksgiving story.
My parents and brother came a few weeks ago for a Chiefs game and Courtney loved grandpa's hat!
A cute little church outfit.
We gave Courtney her first teething biscuit this week. It was hillarious because it kept her busy for about 20 minutes and she practically ate the whole thing. It was a huge mess. I found some in her armpit the next day after a bath. Gross.
Once Courtney started standing she really wanted to move. She has been cruising along our fireplace and will play a little game of trying to get around us if we sit up against it - sweet!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First teeth, first plane ride and crawling - oh my!

What a big week it has been for Ms. Courtney! Last Monday she decided she wanted to start crawling - so she did. We lured her around the living room with a Wal-Mart sack. EARLY Friday morning she boarded her first plane and traveled to Michigan to see her uncle Dave get married and later that day we discovered she had a tooth poking through her gums! We didn't even see it coming! She did so wonderful on all 4 of our plane rides, traveling for hours in the car, sleeping in hotels, being a quiet little girl for the wedding and a flirty little girl for the reception. We couldn't ask for a better baby!A VERY sleepy Courtney (notice it's still dark outside:(
We had long layovers, but luckily, this girl loves terminals.
Meeting her Great Grandpa "poppa" and Grandma Mary!
"I knew I shouldn't have worn white to a wedding..."Playing with dad at the wedding!
The 2nd picture in our camera WITHOUT Courtney.
4 Generations Hanging out with mom and dad on the flight home. Playing peek-a-boo airplane style. Ready for another flight! Crawling down the hall at grandma's house.

Standing like a big girl!